Meet The Coaches

Samantha Towe – Owner & Fitness Coach

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  • AFAA Personal Trainer
  • AFAA Primary Group Exercise
  • AFAA Kickboxing Certification
  • American Red Cross CPR Certified

Over 20 years in the Fitness Industry and as a Fitness Instructor teaching a variety of classes such as Step, Kickboxing, and Strength & Toning.

Like many of you I moved to the Fayetteville area because some years ago I married a soldier.  I grew up in a large family: can you believe 8 brothers and sisters?!! My father always stressed sports participation. My chosen sports were gymnastics and track and field, which I competed in through out high school. Although these sports improved my flexibility and strength, cardiovascular conditioning was something that I didn’t really pick up on until later. I started taking a boot camp class for women in my local area and was hooked. That really challenged me to work on my endurance and strength and taught me a valuable lesson; we all need to set fitness goals and incorporate variety in order to make progress and break through preconceived thoughts about working out. I’ve taken my fitness goals to another level and started competing in the figure industry and it has taught me a lot about being disciplined and consistent with exercise.

What keeps me driven as a personal trainer is the privilege of sharing and helping my clients reach all of their fitness goals.

Specializes in sports conditioning agility drills, circuit & interval training, plyometrics, and time efficient fat burning workouts.

To grow as much as possible physically, mentally and spiritually. Along the way I would like to inspire and also learn from those that I come into contact.

Sandra Keys – Fitness Coach

Sandra Picture


  • AFAA Personal Trainer Certification
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED Certified

10 years of fitness experience, and 1 year of Personal Training

Focus on creating daily routines and exercise programs customized to each client’s individual’s objectives and desires. I enjoy making sure that the pursuit of optimal health remains both pleasurable and effective.

I have been personally committed to living a very fitness oriented life since relocating from Germany. My goal is to help you become more motivated to exercise, eat clean and enjoy a new devotion to living healthy as well.

Ellen “Elle” Williams – Fitness Coach


  • NASM Certified in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition
  • NASE Certified Speed Specialist
  • American Red Cross Certified CPR/AED/1st Aid Instructor
  • Bachelor’s degree cum laude UNCFSU 
  • Master’s degree – Exercise Science & Nutrition California University of PA

Over 10 years in the Fitness Industry and 8 years as a Personal Trainer.

Originally from the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, I have been a resident of Fayetteville, NC for 8 years and absolutely love the southern hospitality and warm, sunny weather.  I am mom to 2 teenage boys (twins), a professional figure athlete with the INBA and 1st runner up in the Mrs. North Carolina US Continental 2021 pageant.  Anyone who has spent enough time with me knows, I do not have an “off” button and I’m almost always smiling.

My passion for wellness has led to a relentless pursuit of education over the last decade in several areas ranging from Nursing, Pharmaceuticals (certified technician), Sports Nutrition, Resistance Training, Anatomy and Physiology and Behavioral Health.  My continued enthusiasm for personal training is fueled by the desire to help others find their personal “body blueprint” for success in achieving their fitness goals.  Everyone is unique and has different lifestyle variables that factor in; I take great pride in my ability to custom tailor a program and ultimately a healthy lifestyle change that works specifically for you.  My philosophy is that “Fitness can be fun and rewarding in every part of the process when the correct planning is in place”.

Hypertrophy, Hyperplasia, SAQ, Cardio Endurance, Fat loss and Nutritional Guidance.

My heart aches when I see others struggling with food choices, body confidence, gym phobias, or plain inaccurate information as to how to make sustainable, positive change.  My job is to guide you through the plethora of misinformation and promises of quick fixes/rapid results while educating you on the tested and proven science-based formula of nutritional intake and physical activity for success in fitness.  I strive to help you leave our time together with a sense of accomplishment and optimism – every session.

“The only failure lies in the failure to start” ~ Harold Blake Walker

Elisabeth Doty – Fitness Coach

Elisabeth Doty - Fitness Coach


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Certified Athletic Trainer (BOC)
  • Precision Nutrition: Level 1 Nutrition Certification 


B.S. Human Nutrition Food and Exercise
Masters of Athletic Training 


Over 10 years of personal and group training, and more than 5 years of athletic training and physical therapy experience. 

I was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia and completed my undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech. I traveled south to Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas’ Master of Athletic Training program and gain experience with SEC sports. While there, I met my husband and, after a short relocation to the east coast my husband and I lived in Arkansas for 8 years. We relocated to North Carolina to be closer to family and welcomed our daughter, Eloise, on April 28, 2022! 

My experience has been wide ranging and I have enjoyed every position! I have been fortunate to have worked with youth to Division I NCAA athletes, the average gymgoers, marathon runners, physical therapy patients, elderly clients looking to stay active, and those who are looking to return to fitness. I have provided nutrition guidance to more than 200 clients and coached over 4,000 Orangetheory fitness classes. 

My passion for fitness started when I was at the University of Arkansas. While there, I regularly worked with Arkansas athletes in the weightroom and athletic training room to improve strength to help prevent or rehabilitate various injuries. During that experience, I realized that the general population needs to learn how to properly move their body to create a foundation to build upon before “getting into shape.” This sets the groundwork to meeting goals and avoid injuries that cause setbacks. I want people to understand that fitness is about establishing a healthy lifestyle to feel better, live longer, and enjoy the activities of daily living as desired. 


Foundational movement patterns; Athletic performance; Nutritional coaching.


I am motivated by the “light bulb effect” that happens when people begin to learn and appreciate what their body can do for them. People often come to me lacking knowledge on where to start or with low self esteem. My goal is to empower each client to meet their individual needs and help them understand how amazing they are already and how we can build from any starting point. I want people to understand that fitness and nutrition are lifestyle decisions intended to make you feel your best and unlock the greatness within. Those decisions look different for each client. Regardless, I want all of my clients to leave the gym feeling proud and accomplished following our interactions and to give them the tools they need to reach their goals.

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