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Client of the year 2021

“Dan-The-Man” Abe

Dan started with The Fitness Studio in the summer of 2017. His training goals were to lower his blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, while increasing lean muscle mass as well as cardiovascular endurance.

He started out two days a week working through his existing knee injury, preparing for a full knee replacement while consistently adopting new habits, leading to positive lifestyle change and notable achievements in his fitness. Dan has never back down from a challenge continuing to meet the standard with consistency, tenacity and despite a sore muscle or two, always a cheery demeanor.

Dan holds the studio record for the 500m row at 1:47 seconds & got his first strict pull up right before his 64th birthday getting not just one but, five consecutive pull ups on that milestone day. he can also do three consecutive toe to bars properly. He loves back in arm day and reverse plank (holding down the mat) but, leg day gets a few grumbles and kettle bells have no place in Dan’s big heart.

Way to go Dan!!

We love our Friday hips butt and abs class crew !

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Congrats to Juliana Morehouse, The Fitness Studio Downtown’s Client of the Year.

In June 2015, Juliana decided she was ready to start training for Miss North Carolina Teen USA.  She has shown great maturity for her age and was able to keep a healthy well balanced diet, prep for competition but most importantly, keep her education a top priority.

She had a great performance in the Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2016 with earning 3rd runner up in her first ever pageant.  Her tenacity and dedication will no doubt lead her to even greater accomplishments in the future.  Thank you for allowing The Fitness Studio to be a part of your journey.
-Jacqueline Dane, Fitness Coach

Juliana Morehouse
You are truly an inspiration.

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