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K2 Nutrition

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Lila Waggoner
NASM CPT- National Academy Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer
FNS- NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Nutrition Transformation:

Do you have unanswered questions about nutrition and healthy eating?
• How many calories should I be eating?
• How can I get quick, healthy meals on the table in minutes?
• What should I order if I go to a fast food restaurant?

Do you have goals but do not know where to start?
• I need to lose weight but don’t know what to eat and when?
• I want to gain muscle the healthy way, but how?
• I need to decrease my sodium intake but where do I start?
• I need to improve my cholesterol through my diet but with what foods?

Need more personalized or private help?

My nutrition and fitness programs are 100{bd07fec7eb8eae9f479bcb442ca4ca57855c736b6f8e24360f846bb5c1deabed} personalized. We are all unique individuals and require
a customized plan tailored to suit specific needs. What makes K2 Nutrition distinct is my exclusive
approach from the beginning. Our initial consultation is crucial to the long term success of your plan.
Here, we will discuss your successes or failures in the past, obstacles holding you back now, and
what the plan for the future is. We will then assess what areas we need to work on in your program,
modifying your plan according to particular needs. Weekly accountability “check in” through email,
phone, or Skype helps to ensure you are staying on track and allows me to answer any questions
you might have throughout your week. As your body changes, so will your nutrition program. I find
this to be the most important part of the program that helps my clients to stay on track. There is a lot
to be said about accountability and having a coach along the way to hold yourself to it.

My commitment to you:

I am wholly committed to each of my clients and work my hardest to provide the most convenient
meal planning and tips based on your lifestyle. I have dedicated myself to understanding the
countless obstacles and excuses we all make and in turn, having a solution for each one. No matter
what your situation, we will work through the barriers our everyday lives place in front of us and look
forward to a fun and new nutritional future!

My expectations from you:

I will do everything in my power to equip you with all the knowledge and tools to lead you down the
right nutritional path. Therefore, I ask that my clients be 100{bd07fec7eb8eae9f479bcb442ca4ca57855c736b6f8e24360f846bb5c1deabed} committed to taking this positive step
forward and also understand that success will take discipline and consistency. If you are ready to
adhere to your food plan, we can achieve any goal you put your mind to and the sky is the limit!

Even the best athletes need a coach. I’m just a click away. So let’s get going!


• Individualized Nutrition Assessment
• BF Analysis & Measurements
• Meal Plan Summary
• Meal Plans
• Meal Plan Recipes
• Meal Plan Grocery List
• Supplemental Information (client specific)
• Weekly Check In/Accountability
• Continuous contact with your FNS Coach!

K2 Program Packages and Pricing:

Program Pricing

30 day program $150

60 day program $140/month

90 day program $130/month

Results may vary based on individual adherence to plan
All plans must be paid in full
Please contact your Fitness Nutrition Specialist to see what program works best for you!

The Fitness Studio Downtown
106 Broadfoot Avenue (rear of building) – Fayetteville, North Carolina 28305 – phone (910) 584-7588



The Fitness Studio Downtown 106 Broadfoot Avenue (rear of building)
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28305
(910) 584-7588